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본 연구실은
- 홍합접착단백질
- 항생펩타이드
- 병원성 미생물 검출 DNA칩
- 탄수화물칩
- 바이오수소
- 유기인분해생물촉매개발

Development of carbohydrate chip through direct carbohydrate immobilization on solid surface

Recently, importance of carbohydrate has been increased in the cell. Carbohydrates encode information for specific molecular recognition, help determine protein folding, stability, and pharmacokinetics, play critical roles in determining biological functions, and affect diverse physiological processes. In addition, carbohydrate-protein interaction has been used to elucidate fundamental biological processes and identify new pharmaceutical substances in living cell systems. In order to fully study specific carbohydrate interactions with biomolecules such as proteins, DNA, and other carbohydrate in the cell, researchers need effective methods for carbohydrate immobilization. Carbohydrate modification and immobilization method should prove useful for diverse biomimetic studies in carbohydrates, including carbohydrate-biomolecule interaction and carbohydrate sensor or array (chip) development for diagnosis and screening.

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