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8 ersatile signal peptide of Flavobacterium-originated organophosphorus hydrolase for efficient periplasmic translocation of heterologous prot… Kang,D.G., Seo,J.H., Jo,B.H., Kim,C.S., Choi,S.S.,and Cha,H.J BIOTECHNOLOGY PROGRESS, ISSN, 2016
7 Recent developments and applications of bioinspired silicification Jo,B.H.+, Kim,C.S.+, Jo,Y.K.+, Cheong, H.+, Cha, H.J Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, ISSN, 2016
6 Engineering de novo disulfide bond in bacterial α-type carbonic anhydrase for thermostable carbon sequestration Jo,B.H.+, Park,T.Y.+, Park,H.J., Yeon,Y.J., Yoo,Y.J., and Cha,H.J SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, ISSN, 2016
5 Mussel adhesive protein as an environmentally-friendly harmless wood furniture adhesive Song,Y.H., Seo,J.H., Choi,Y.S., Kim,D.H., Choi,B-H., and Cha,H.J International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, ISSN, 2016
4 Multiplex 16S rRNA-derived geno-biochip for detection of 16 bacterial pathogens from contaminated foods Shin,H.H., Hwang,B.H.,and Cha,H,J Biotechnology Journal, ISSN, 2016
3 Switch of Surface Adhesion to Cohesion by Dopa-Fe3+ Complexation, in Response to Microenvironment at the Mussel Plaque/Substrate Interface 0897-4756 CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, Yang, B., Lim, C., Hwang, D.S., and Cha, H.J., 2016
2 Accelerated skin wound healing using electrospun nanofibrous mats blended with mussel adhesive protein and polycaprolactone Kim, B.J., Cheong, H., Choi, E-S., Yun, S-H., Choi, B-H., Park, K-S., Kim, I.S., Park, D-H.,and Cha, H.J Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, ISSN, 2016
1 Sandcastle Worm-Inspired Blood-Resistant Bone Graft Binder Using a Sticky Mussel Protein for Augmented In Vivo Bone Regeneration Kim,H.J., Choi,B-H., Jun,S.H.,and Cha,H.J Advanced Healthcare Materials, ISSN, 2016
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