Journal Papers

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10 Mussel-Inspired Protein Nanoparticles Containing Iron(III)–DOPA Complexes for pH-Responsive Drug Delivery†,Angewandte Chemie Kim, B.J., Cheong, H., Hwang, B.H., and Cha,H.J ISSN, 2015
9 Role of Pif97 in Nacre Biomineralization: In Vitro Characterization of Recombinant Pif97 as a Framework Protein for the Association of Organ… Bahn,S.Y., Jo,B.H., Hwang,B.H., Choi,Y.S., and Cha,H.J Crystal Growth& Design, ISSN, 2015
8 Activation of formate hydrogen-lyase via expression of uptake [NiFe]-hydrogenase in Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) Jo,B.H., and Cha,H.J MICROBIAL CELL FACTORIES, ISSN, 2015
7 Rapidly Light-Activated Surgical Protein Glue Inspired by Mussel Adhesion and Insect Structural Crosslinking Jeon, E.Y.+, Hwang, B,H.+, Yang, Y,J., Kim, B,J., Choi, B-H., Jung, G,Y Biomaterials, ISSN, 2015
6 Bioengineered mussel glue incorporated with a cell recognition motif as an osteostimulating bone adhesive for titanium implants Jo,Y.K., Choi,B.-H., Zhou,C., Ahn,J.-S., Jun,S.H., Cha,H.J Journal of Materials Chemistry B, ISSN, 2015
5 Mechanically Durable and Biologically Favorable Protein Hydrogel Based on Elastic Silk-like Protein Derived from Sea Anemone Yang,Y.J., Kim,C.S., Choi,B-H., and Cha,H.J Biomacromolecules, ISSN, 2015
4 Hybrid microarray based on double biomolecular markers of DNA and carbohydrate for simultaneous genotypic and phenotypic detection of choler… Shin,H.H., Seo,J.H., Kim,C.S., Hwang.B.H., and Cha,H.J Biosensors and Bioelectronics, ISSN, 2015
3 Biomimetic repeat protein derived from Xenopus tropicalis for fibrous scaffold fabrication Kwon, Y.+, Yang, Y.J.+, Jung, D., Hwang, B.H., and Cha H.J Biopolymers, ISSN, 2015
2 A nano-scale probing system with a gold nano-dot array for measurement of a single biomolecular interaction force Kim,S.J., Seo,J.H., Lee,J.W., Cho,D-W., Cha,H.J.,and Moon,W RSC Advances, ISSN, 2015
1 Mussel adhesion-employed water-immiscible fluid bioadhesive for urinary fistula sealing Kim,H.J., Hwang,B.H., Lim,S., Choi,B-H., Kang,S.H., and Cha,H.J Biomaterials, ISSN, 2015
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