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13 Bioconjugation of L-3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine Containing Protein with a Polysaccharide Ayyadurai, N., Prabhu, N.S., Deepankumar, K., Jang, Y.J., Chitrapriya, N., Song, E., Lee, N., Kim, S.K., Kim, B.-G., Soundrarajan, N., Lee, S., Cha, H.J., Budisa, N., and Yun, H Bioconjugate Chemistry, ISSN, 2011
12 Expression of β-1,4-galactosyltransferase and suppresion of β-N-acetylglucosaminidase to aid synthesis of complex N-glycans in insect Drosop… Kim, Y.K., Kim, K.R., Kang, D.G., Jang, S.Y., Kim, Y.H., and Cha, H.J Journal of Biotechnology, ISSN, 2011
11 Amperometric Proton Selective Strip-sensors with a Microelliptic Liquid/Gel Interface for Organophosphate Neurotoxins Hossain, Md., M., Faisal, S.N., Kim, C.S., Cha, H.J., Nam, S.C., and Lee, H.J Electrochemistry Communications, ISSN, 2011
10 Expression of redesigned mussel silk-like protein in Escherichia coli Yang, Y.J., Choi, Y.S., Jung, D., and Cha, H.J Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, ISSN, 2011
9 Interactive Configuration through Force Analysis of GM1 Pentasaccharide-Vibrio cholera Toxin Interaction Seo, J.H., Kim, C.S., Lee, H.Y., Kawai, T., and Cha, H.J Analytical Chemistry, ISSN, 2011
8 Recombinant mussel adhesive protein fp-5 (MAP fp-5) as a bulk bioadhesive and surface coating material Choi, Y.S., Kang, D.G., Lim, S., Yang, Y.J., Kim, C.S., and Cha, H.J Biofouling, ISSN, 2011
7 Production of biohydrogen by heterologous expression of oxygen-tolerant Hydrogenovibrio marinus [NiFe]-hydrogenase in Escherichia coli Kim, J.Y.H., Jo, B.H., and Cha, H.J Journal of Biotechnology, ISSN, 2011
6 Amperometric Detection of Parathion and Methyl Parathion with a Microhole-ITIES Hossain, Md.M., Kim, C.S., Cha, H.J., and Lee, H.J Electroanalysis, ISSN, 2011
5 In vivo post-translational modifications of recombinant mussel adhesive protein in insect cells Lim, S., Kim, K.R., Choi, Y.S., Kim, D.-K., Hwang, D., and Cha, H.J Biotechnology Progress, ISSN, 2011
4 Reinforced Multifunctionalized Nanofibrous Scaffolds Using Mussel Adhesive Proteins Kim, B.J., Choi, Y.S., and Cha, H.J Angewandte Chemie International Edition, ISSN, 2011
3 A facile and sensitive immunoassay for the detection of alpha-fetoprotein using gold-coated magnetic nanoparticle clusters and dynamic light… Chun, C., Joo, J., Kwon, D., Kim, C.S., Cha, H.J., Chung, M.-S., and Jeon, S Chemical Communications, ISSN, 2011
2 A Mussel Adhesive Protein Fused with the BC Domain of Protein A is a Functional Linker Material that Efficiently Immobilizes Antibodies onto… Kim, C.S., Choi, Y.S., Ko, W., Seo, J.H., Lee, J., and Cha, H.J Advanced Functional Materials, ISSN, 2011
1 Measurement of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Concentrations Using a Piezoelectric Microcantilever as a Mass Sensor Lee, S., Cho, J., Lee, Y., Jeon, S., Cha, H.J., and Moon, W Journal of Sensors, ISSN, 2011
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