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96 emoval of Neurotoxic Ethyl Parathion Pesticide by Two-stage Chemical/Enzymatic Treatment System Using Fenton's Reagent and Organophosphorou… Choi, S.S., Seo, S.H., Kang, D.G., Ha, J.H., and Cha, H.J Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, ISSN, 2010
95 Biodiesel Production using Microalgal Marine Biomass Jo, B.H., and Cha, H.J KSBB Journal, ISSN, 2010
94 Pattern-Mapped Multiple Detection of 11 Pathogenic Bacteria Using a 16S rDNA-Based Oligonucleotide Microarray Hwang, B.H., and Cha, H.J Biotechnology and Bioengineering, ISSN, 2010
93 Production of Biohydrogen by Recombinant Expression of [NiFe]-hydrogenase 1 in Escherichia coli Kim, J.Y.H., Jo, B.H., and Cha, H.J Microbial Cell Factories, ISSN, 2010
92 Mussel Adhesive Protein Fused with Cell Adhesion Recognition Motif Triggers Integrin-mediated Adhesion and Signaling for Enhanced Cell Sprea… Kim, B.J., Choi, Y.S., Choi, B.-H., Lim, S., Song, Y.H., and Cha, H.J Journal of Biomedical Research Part A, ISSN, 2010
91 Disperse Distribution of Cationic Amino Acid on Hydrophilic Surface of Helical Wheel Enhances Antimibrobial Peptide Activity Kim, Y.S., and Cha, H.J Biotechnology and Bioengineering, ISSN, 2010
90 Cell Behavior on Extracellular Matrix Mimic Materials Based on Mussel Adhesive Protein Fused with Functional Peptides Choi, B.-H., Choi, Y.S., Kang, D.G., Kim, B.J., Song, Y.H., and Cha, H.J Biomaterials, ISSN, 2010
89 Microbial nar-GFP cell sensors reveal oxygen limitations in highly agitated and aerated laboratory-scale fermentors Garcia, J.R., Cha, H.J., Rao, G., Marten, M.R., and Bentley, W.E Microbial Cell Factories, ISSN, 2009
88 Recombinant Mussel Adhesive Protein as a Gene Delivery Material Hwang, D.S., Kim, K.R., Lim, S., Choi, Y.S., and Cha, H.J Biotechnology and Bioengineering, ISSN, 2009
87 Bulk adhesive strength of recombinant hybrid mussel adhesive protein Cha, H.J., Hwang, D.S., Lim, S., White, J.D., Matos-Perez C.R., and Wilker, J.J Biofouling, ISSN, 2009
86 Suppression of β-N-acetylglucosaminidase in the N-glycosylation pathway for complex glycoprotein formation in Drosophila S2 cells Kim, Y.K., Kim, K.R., Kang, D.G., Jang, S.Y., Kim, Y.H., and Cha, H.J Glycobiology, ISSN, 2009
85 Salt Effects on Aggregation and Adsorption Characteristics of Recombinant Mussel Adhesive Protein fp-151 Lim, S., Choi, Y.S., Song, Y.H., and Cha, H.J The Journal of Adhesion, ISSN, 2009
84 Recombinant baculovirus-based multiple protein expression platform for Drosophila S2 cell culture Kim, K.R., Kim, Y.K., and Cha, H.J Journal of Biotechnology, ISSN, 2008
83 Carassius auratus-originated recombinant histone H1 C-terminal peptide as gene delivery material Jung, H.J.*, Hwang, D.S.*, Wei, Q., and Cha, H.J Biotechnology Progress, ISSN, 2008
82 Stepwise Self-Assembly of a Protein Nanoarray from a Nanoimprinted Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Hydrogel Lee, B.K., Lee, H.Y., Kim, P., Suh, K.Y., Seo, J.H., Cha, H.J., and Kawai, T Small, ISSN, 2008
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