Journal Papers

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141 Draft genome sequence of Hydrogenovibrio marinus MH-110, a model organism for aerobic H2 metabolism Jo, B.H., Hwang, B.H., and Cha,H.J Journal of Biotechnology, ISSN, 2014
140 Bacterial extremo-α-carbonic anhydrases from deep-sea hydrothermal vents as potential biocatalysts for CO2 sequestration Jo, B.H., Seo, J.H., and Cha, H.J. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic, ISSN, 2014
139 Aquatic proteins with repetitive motifs provide insights to bioengineering of novel biomaterials Yang,Y.J.+, Jung,D.+, Yang,B.+, Hwang,B.H.,and Cha,H.J Biotechnology Journal, ISSN, 2014
138 In Vivo Residue-Specific Dopa-Incorporated Engineered Mussel Bioglue with Enhanced Adhesion and Water Resistance† Yang, B., Ayyadurai, N., Yun, H., Choi, Y.S., Hwang, B.H., Huang, J., Lu, Q., Zeng, H., and Cha, H.J Angewandte Chemie, ISSN, 2014
137 Mussel-inspired adhesive protein-based electrospun nanofibers reinforced by Fe(III)–DOPA complexation Kim, B.J., K, S., Oh, D.X., Admir, M., Cha, H.J., and Hwang, D.S Journal of Materials Chemistry B, ISSN, 2014
136 Surface-Independent Antibacterial Coating Using Silver Nanoparticle-Generating Engineered Mussel Glue Jo, Y.K., Seo, J.H., Choi, B.-H., Kim, B.J., Shin, H.H., Hwang, B.H., and Cha, H.J ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, ISSN, 2014
135 Bioinspired Silica Nanocomposite with Autoencapsulated Carbonic Anhydrase as a Robust Biocatalyst for CO2 Sequestration Jo, B.H., Seo, J.H., Yang, Y.J., Baek, K., Choi, Y.S., Pack, S.P., Oh, S.H., and Cha, H.J ACS Catalysis, ISSN, 2014
134 Engineered mussel bioglue as a functional osteoinductive binder for grafting of bone substitute particles to accelerate in vivo bone regener… Choi, B-H., Cheong, H., Ahn, J-S., Zhou, C., Kwon, J.J., Cha, H.J., and Jun, S.H Journal of Materials Chemistry B, ISSN, 2014
133 Recent progress in hydrogenase and its biotechnological application for viable hydrogen technology Kim, J.Y.H. and Cha, H.J Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, ISSN, 2013
132 Enhanced endothelialization for developing artificial vascular networks with a natural vessel mimicking the luminal surface in scaffolds 1742-7061 Acta Biomaterialia, Kang, T-Y, Hong, J.M., Kim, B.J., Cha, H.J., and Cho, D-W, 2013
131 Mussel adhesive protein-based whole cell array biosensor for detection of organophosphorous compounds Kim, C.S., Choi, B.-H., Seo, J.H., Lim, G., and Cha, H.J Biosensors and Bioelectronics, ISSN, 2013
130 Biological Removal of Phosphate at Low Concentrations Using Recombinant Escherichia coli Expressing Phosphate-Binding Protein in Periplasmic… Choi, S.S., Lee, H.M., Ha, J.H., Kang, D.G., Kim, C.S. Seo, J.H. and Cha, H.J Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, ISSN, 2013
129 A comparative study on the bulk adhesive strength of the recombinant mussel adhesive protein fp-3 Yang, B., Kang, D.G., Seo, J.H., Choi, Y.S. & Cha, H.J Biofouling: The Journal of Bioadhesion and Biofilm Research, ISSN, 2013
128 Production of a novel silk-like protein from sea anemone and fabrication of wet-spun and electrospun marine-derived silk fibers Yang, Y.J., Choi, Y.S., Jung, D., Park, B.R., Hwang, W.B., Kim, H.W., Cha, H.J NPG Asia Materials, ISSN, 2013
127 A comparative study on antibody immobilization strategies onto solid surface Lee, J.E., Seo, J.H., Kim, C.S., Kwon, Y., Ha, J.H., Choi, S.S., and Cha, H.J Korean J. Chem. Eng., ISSN, 2013
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