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194 Immobilization of genetically engineered whole-cell biocatalysts with periplasmic carbonic anhydrase in polyurethane foam for enzymatic CO2 … Moon,H., Kim, S., Jo,B.H., and Cha,H.J Jounarl of CO2 Utilization, ISSN, 2020
193 Body temperature-activated protein-based injectable adhesive hydrogel incorporated with decellularized adipose extracellular matrix for tiss… Jeon,E.Y., Joo,K.I., and Cha,H.J Acta Biomaterialia, ISSN, 2020
192 Electrohydrodynamic sprayable amphiphilic polysaccharides-clasped nanoscale self-assembly for in vivo imaging Park,J.C., Kim,D.H., Song,Y.H., Cha,H.J., and Seo,J.H ACS Applied Materials & Interface, ISSN, 2020
191 Harnessing the bioresponsive adhesion of immuno-bioglue for enhanced local immune checkpoint blockade therapy Joo,K.I., Jeong,Y., Hwang,S.M., Shin,M., Lee,J., Sharma,G., Lee,H., Im,S-H., and Cha,H.J Biomaterials, ISSN, 2020
190 A sensitive paper-based lateral flow immunoassay platform using engineered cellulose-binding protein linker fused with antibody-binding doma… Yang,J.M., Kim,K.R., Jeon,S., Cha,H.J., and Kim,C.S Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, ISSN, 2020
189 Combinational Biomimicking of Lotus Leaf, Mussel, and Sandcastle Worm for Robust Superhydrophobic Surfaces with Biomedical Multifunctionalit… Han,K.D., Park,T.Y., Yong,K.J., and Cha,H.J ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, ISSN, 2019
188 Prolonged cell persistence with enhanced multipotency and rapid angiogenesis of hypoxia pre-conditioned stem cells encapsulated in marine-in… Park,T.Y., Jeon,E.Y., Kim,H.J.,Choi,B-H., and Cha,H.J Acta Biomaterialia, ISSN, 2019
187 Marine-derived natural polymer-based bioprinting ink for biocompatible, durable, and controllable 3D constructs Park,T.Y., Yang,Y.J., Ha,D-H., Cho,D-W., and Cha,H.J Biofabrication, ISSN, 2019
186 Multi-dimensional bioinspired tactics using an engineered mussel protein glue-based nanofiber conduit for accelerated functional nerve regen… Cheong,H., Kim,J., Kim,B.J., Kim,E., Park,H.Y., Choi,B-H., Joo,K.I., Cho,M-L Acta Biomaterialia, ISSN, 2019
185 Novel In Silico Analyses of Repetitive Spider Silk Sequences to Understand the Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Fibrous Protein Materi… Jung,D., Yang,Y.J., and Cha,H.J biotechnology journal, ISSN, 2019
184 Coexpression of CMP‐sialic acid transporter reduces N‐glycolylneuraminic acid levels of recombinant glycoproteins in Chinese hamster ovary c… Kang,D.G., Kim,C.S.,and Cha,H.J biotechnology bioengineering, ISSN, 2019
183 Mussel-inspired enzyme immobilization and dual real-time compensation algorithms for durable and accurate continuous glucose monitoring Kim,K.B., Choi,H., Jung,H.J., Oh,Y-J., Cho,C-H., Min,J-H., Yoon,S., Kim,J., Cho,S.J.,and Cha,H.J Biosensors and Bioelectronics, ISSN, 2019
182 Bio-inspired swellable hydrogel-forming double-layered adhesive microneedle protein patch for regenerative internal/external surgical closur… Jeon,E.Y., Lee,J., Kim,B.J., Joo,K.I., Kim,K., Lim,G., and Cha,H.J Biomaterials, ISSN, 2019
181 Polysaccharide-Hydrophobic Nanoparticle Hybrid Nanoclusters for Enhanced Performance in Magnetic Resonance/Photoacoustic Imaging Park,J.C., Kim,D.H., Park,T.Y., Cha,H.J., and Seo,J.H Biomacromolecules, ISSN, 2019
180 Engineering the genetic components of a whole‐cell catalyst for improved enzymatic CO2 capture and utilization Jo,B.H., Moon,H., and Cha,H.J biotechnology and bioengineering, ISSN, 2019
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