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201 The position of lysine controls the catechol-mediated surface adhesion and cohesion in underwater mussel adhesion Shin,M., Shin,J.H., Kim,k., Yang,B., Han,J.W., kim,N-K., and Cha,H.J Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, ISSN, 2020
200 Enhanced Production of Dopa‐Incorporated Mussel Adhesive Protein Using Engineered Translational Machineries Jeong,Y.S., Yang,B., Yang,B., Shin,M., Seong,J., and Cha,H.J Biotechnology and bioengineering, ISSN, 2020
199 Sticky bone-specific artificial extracellular matrix for stem cell-mediated rapid craniofacial bone therapy Choi,B-H.+, Jo,Y.K.+, Zuou,C., Jang,H-S., Ahn,J-S., Jun,S.H., and Cha,H.J Applied Materials Today, ISSN, 2020
198 Stem cell-loaded adhesive immiscible liquid for regeneration of myocardial infarction Park,T.Y., Oh,J-M., Cho,J.S., Sim,S.B., Lee,J., and Cha,H.J Journal of Controlled Release, ISSN, 2020
197 Stability-Controllable Self-Immobilization of Carbonic Anhydrase Fused with a Silica-Binding Tag onto Diatom Biosilica for Enzymatic CO2 Cap… Kim, S.,Joo,K.I., Jo,B.H., and Cha,H.J ACS Applied Materials & Interface, ISSN, 2020
196 Fast and facile biodegradation of polystyrene by the gut microbial flora of Plesiophthalmus davidis larvae Woo,S., Song,I., Cha,H.J American Society For Microbiology, ISSN, 2020
195 Reusability Comparison of Melt-Blown vs Nanofiber Face Mask Filters for Use in the Coronavirus Pandemic Ullah,S., Ullah,A., Lee,J., Jeong,Y., Hashmi,M., Zhu,C., Joo,K.I., Cha,H.J., and Kim,I.S ACS Applied Nano Materials, ISSN, 2020
194 Immobilization of genetically engineered whole-cell biocatalysts with periplasmic carbonic anhydrase in polyurethane foam for enzymatic CO2 … Moon,H., Kim, S., Jo,B.H., and Cha,H.J Jounarl of CO2 Utilization, ISSN, 2020
193 Body temperature-activated protein-based injectable adhesive hydrogel incorporated with decellularized adipose extracellular matrix for tiss… Jeon,E.Y., Joo,K.I., and Cha,H.J Acta Biomaterialia, ISSN, 2020
192 Electrohydrodynamic sprayable amphiphilic polysaccharides-clasped nanoscale self-assembly for in vivo imaging Park,J.C., Kim,D.H., Song,Y.H., Cha,H.J., and Seo,J.H ACS Applied Materials & Interface, ISSN, 2020
191 Harnessing the bioresponsive adhesion of immuno-bioglue for enhanced local immune checkpoint blockade therapy Joo,K.I., Jeong,Y., Hwang,S.M., Shin,M., Lee,J., Sharma,G., Lee,H., Im,S-H., and Cha,H.J Biomaterials, ISSN, 2020
190 A sensitive paper-based lateral flow immunoassay platform using engineered cellulose-binding protein linker fused with antibody-binding doma… Yang,J.M., Kim,K.R., Jeon,S., Cha,H.J., and Kim,C.S Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, ISSN, 2020
189 Combinational Biomimicking of Lotus Leaf, Mussel, and Sandcastle Worm for Robust Superhydrophobic Surfaces with Biomedical Multifunctionalit… Han,K.D., Park,T.Y., Yong,K.J., and Cha,H.J ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, ISSN, 2019
188 Prolonged cell persistence with enhanced multipotency and rapid angiogenesis of hypoxia pre-conditioned stem cells encapsulated in marine-in… Park,T.Y., Jeon,E.Y., Kim,H.J.,Choi,B-H., and Cha,H.J Acta Biomaterialia, ISSN, 2019
187 Marine-derived natural polymer-based bioprinting ink for biocompatible, durable, and controllable 3D constructs Park,T.Y., Yang,Y.J., Ha,D-H., Cho,D-W., and Cha,H.J Biofabrication, ISSN, 2019
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