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36 Statistical Optimization for Immobilized Metal Affinity Purification of Secreted Human Erythropoietin from Drosophila S2 Cells Shin, H.S., and Cha, H.J Protein Expression and Prufication, ISSN, 2003
35 Comparison of Cellular Stress and Foreign Protein Expression in Several Escherichia coli Strains Seo, J.H., Kang, D.G., and Cha, H.J Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry, ISSN, 2003
34 Enhancement of heterologous Protein Expression in Escherichia coli by Co-expression of Nonspecific DNA-binding Stress Protein, Dps Kim, Y.S., Seo, J.H., and Cha, H.J Enzyme and Microbial Technology, ISSN, 2003
33 Down-regulation of Acetate Pathway through Antisense Strategy in Escherichia coli: Improved Recombinant Protein Production Kim, J.Y.H., and Cha, H.J Biotechnology and Bioengineering, ISSN, 2003
32 Baculoviral Polyhedrin as a Novel Fusion Partner for Formation of Inclusion Body in Escherichia coli Seo, J.H., Li, L., Yeo, J.S., and Cha, H.J Biotechnology and Bioengineering, ISSN, 2003
31 GFP-visualized immobilized enzymes: Degradation of paraoxon via organophosphorus hydrolase in a packed column Wu, C.F., Cha, H.J., Valdes, J.J., and Bentley, W.E Biotechnology and Bioengineering, ISSN, 2002
30 Monitoring Foreign Protein Expression from Baculovirus p10 and polh Promoter in Insect Larvae Cha, H.J., Dalal, N.G., Pham, M.-Q., Vakharia, V.N., Kramer, S.F., and Bentley, W.E Biotechniques, ISSN, 2002
29 Enhanced Detoxification of Organophosphates using Recombinant Escherichia coli with Co-expression of Organophosphorus Hydrolase and Bacteria… Kang, D.G., Kim, J.Y.H., and Cha, H.J. Biotechnology Letters, ISSN, 2002
28 Facile and Statistical Optimization of Transfection Conditions for Secretion of Foreign Proteins from Insect Drosophila S2 cells using Green… Shin, H.S., and Cha, H.J Biotechnology progress, ISSN, 2002
27 Comparison of Green Fluorescent Protein Expression in Two Industrial E. coli BL21 and W3110 under Co-expression of Bacterial Hemoglobin Kang, D.G, Kim, Y.K., and Cha, H.J Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, ISSN, 2002
26 Partial recovery of cell membrane bounded human interleukin-2 fusion protein from insect cell debris by using various detergent extractions Cho, H.S., Shin, H.S., Bentley, W.E., and Cha, H.J Biotechnology Letters, ISSN, 2001
25 Application of Green Fluorescent Protein to Recombinant Protein Production Processes Cha, H.J Biochemical Engineering (Korea), 2000
24 Observations of Green Fluorescent Protein as a Fusion Partner in Genetically Engineered Escherichia coli: Monitoring Protein Expression and … Cha, H.J., Wu, C.F., Valdes, J., Rao, G., and Bentley, W.E Biotechnology and Bioengineering, ISSN, 2000
23 Production and secretion patterns of cloned glucoamylase in plasmid-harboring and chromosome-integrated recombinant yeasts employing an SUC2… Cha, H.J., Chae, H.J., Choi, S.S., and Yoo, Y.J Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, ISSN, 2000
22 A Green Fluorescent Protein Fusion Strategy for Monitoring the Expression, Cellular Location, and Separation of Biologically Active Organoph… Wu, C.F., Cha, H.J., Rao, G., Valdes, J.J., and Bentley, W.E Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, ISSN, 2000
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