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11 Combinational Biomimicking of Lotus Leaf, Mussel, and Sandcastle Worm for Robust Superhydrophobic Surfaces with Biomedical Multifunctionalit… Han,K.D., Park,T.Y., Yong,K.J., and Cha,H.J ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, ISSN, 2019
10 Prolonged cell persistence with enhanced multipotency and rapid angiogenesis of hypoxia pre-conditioned stem cells encapsulated in marine-in… Park,T.Y., Jeon,E.Y., Kim,H.J.,Choi,B-H., and Cha,H.J Acta Biomaterialia, ISSN, 2019
9 Marine-derived natural polymer-based bioprinting ink for biocompatible, durable, and controllable 3D constructs Park,T.Y., Yang,Y.J., Ha,D-H., Cho,D-W., and Cha,H.J Biofabrication, ISSN, 2019
8 Multi-dimensional bioinspired tactics using an engineered mussel protein glue-based nanofiber conduit for accelerated functional nerve regen… Cheong,H., Kim,J., Kim,B.J., Kim,E., Park,H.Y., Choi,B-H., Joo,K.I., Cho,M-L Acta Biomaterialia, ISSN, 2019
7 Novel In Silico Analyses of Repetitive Spider Silk Sequences to Understand the Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Fibrous Protein Materi… Jung,D., Yang,Y.J., and Cha,H.J biotechnology journal, ISSN, 2019
6 Coexpression of CMP‐sialic acid transporter reduces N‐glycolylneuraminic acid levels of recombinant glycoproteins in Chinese hamster ovary c… Kang,D.G., Kim,C.S.,and Cha,H.J biotechnology bioengineering, ISSN, 2019
5 Mussel-inspired enzyme immobilization and dual real-time compensation algorithms for durable and accurate continuous glucose monitoring Kim,K.B., Choi,H., Jung,H.J., Oh,Y-J., Cho,C-H., Min,J-H., Yoon,S., Kim,J., Cho,S.J.,and Cha,H.J Biosensors and Bioelectronics, ISSN, 2019
4 Bio-inspired swellable hydrogel-forming double-layered adhesive microneedle protein patch for regenerative internal/external surgical closur… Jeon,E.Y., Lee,J., Kim,B.J., Joo,K.I., Kim,K., Lim,G., and Cha,H.J Biomaterials, ISSN, 2019
3 Polysaccharide-Hydrophobic Nanoparticle Hybrid Nanoclusters for Enhanced Performance in Magnetic Resonance/Photoacoustic Imaging Park,J.C., Kim,D.H., Park,T.Y., Cha,H.J., and Seo,J.H Biomacromolecules, ISSN, 2019
2 Engineering the genetic components of a whole‐cell catalyst for improved enzymatic CO2 capture and utilization Jo,B.H., Moon,H., and Cha,H.J biotechnology and bioengineering, ISSN, 2019
1 Recent advances in the development of nature-derived photocrosslinkable biomaterials for 3D printing in tissue engineering Choi,G.,and Cha,H.J Biomaterials Research, ISSN, 2019
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