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Our MAGIC laboratory has been mainly focusing on molecular biotechnology researches that are related to functional and efficient productions of useful materials from biofactories through redesign of biomaterials in molecular level.

Advanced Hea
Sutureless Transplantation of Amniotic M

Chemistry of
Two Faces of Amine–Catechol Pair Synergy

Adhesive protein-based angiogenesis-mimi

Acta Biomate
Preclinical evaluation of a regenerative

Nature Commu
Glycan chip based on structure-switchabl

Advanced Mat
Embolization of Vascular Malformations v


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저희 MAGIC 연구실에서 연구부교수로 재직하신 주계일 연구 ...

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[자연과 과학을 접합하다] YTN Science

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홍합단백질 활용한 혁신적 국소 항암 면역치료기술 개발

곤충 유충으로 분해 까다로운 플라스틱 생분해할 수 있다

나노섬유 필터와 멜트블로운 필터의 에탄올 세정에 따른 여 ...

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