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Our MAGIC laboratory has been mainly focusing on molecular biotechnology researches that are related to functional and efficient productions of useful materials from biofactories through redesign of biomaterials in molecular level.

경북일보 언론보도
홍합을 이용해 여러차례 붙여도 잡착력에 변함없는 생체접 ...

BRIC 한빛사 선정
BRIC의 한국을 빛내는 사람들에 한빛사 논문으로 선정 되었 ...

김효정 학생 수상소식
2014한국생물공학회에서 WISET&KSBB 젊은 여성연구자상을 ...

In Vivo Residue-Specific Dopa-Incorporat

Aquatic proteins with repetitive motifs

Journal of
Bacterial extremo-α-carbonic anhydrases

Journal of
Draft genome sequence of Hydrogenovibrio

Oxygen-dependent enhancement of hydrogen

Microbial Ce
Highly purified mussel adhesive protein

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